Then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures – Luke 24:45

The Bible is a living book. You can read and memorize scripture, but until the Holy Spirit gives you understanding or revelation, you won’t be able to have what the scripture is saying.

Likewise, before you have prosperity, you have to understand what prosperity is for.

Many of you have come close to receiving the prosperity God has for you. You may have been right at the breaking point, but you choked. A religious idea or traditional teaching brought a thought to you that you didn’t need it or that you weren’t supposed to have it. Your soul was closed to prosperity.

When God sent your prosperity, your spirit understood and receive it immediately. But, if your soul is closed you’ll miss the connection. It is important that you always yield your soul (your understanding) to opened by the Holy Spirit.

You may have to admit that you haven’t fully surrendered to prosperity because your religious training made it seem unimportant and wrong. It will never come until you recognize that it is important and that it is not wrong!

Stop feeling guilty for being blessed! Every now and then say, “I want my money!” There’s nothing wrong with that because that is your inheritance. That is what Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you to have!

Everyday, you must endeavor to keep your soul in contact with the God who wants to make you rich!