I’m very excited this morning! I began to read a book, Never Be Sick Again, and it talks about one disease, two causes, and six pathways.

It also states that health is a choice, and then it says, “learn how to choose it.”

This morning I’ll give you those one disease, two causes, and six pathways.

  1. The one disease is cellular malfunction.

Our bodies consist of trillions of cells, and if they start malfunctioning that is where the sickness comes in at.

The two causes is deficiency. Deficiencies of nutrients that we need in our bodies, and on the other hand toxicities come from eating wrong things and letting those things get in our cells and cause sickness and disease.

The six pathways are:

  1. Nutrition – getting in the right stuff
  2. Getting the bad stuff out – toxins
  3. Psychological – we have to think right. We have to watch stress and pressures, and think right in our lives
  4. Physical – we have to exercise, we have to move, and we have to do something in the form of exercise
  5. Genes – your genes are like a subconscious mind. It doesn’t think for themselves. Whatever you put in there, that’s what they’ll use. So you have to put the right thing in your genes
  6. Medical – medicine has a great part it plays. In emergencies, you get cut. For emergency reasons, medicine plays its part, but you have to watch. You don’t want to put a lot of medicine in your body, and then let it only be temporary. If you do, work on the nutrition to get your physician and let food become your medicine to build your cells back up.

Don’t be condemned about taking medicine. Be condemned about being ignorant: putting the wrong thing in your body. I would like for you to be condemned about that, and that the Holy Spirit could show you the right way! God Bless!