There’s another glorious manifestation of the scripture.

In Luke chapter five where it is said after Jesus had given information and instruction, the disciples had inspiration to do what he said. And they said the boys had not caught any fish; they fished all night long. We have been praying. We’ve been taking medicine. We’ve been laying hand, but yet the church have not, enjoyed the help that the Bible talks about. But it’s said, after he gives the information and instruction and they had inspiration and the bible says when they had this done, that’s when they received the miracles of the manifestation of the fish that the board couldn’t hold. And I think it’s the same thing we’re dealing with here. We can talk about health, we can read about health we can say this and say, but until we get the job done, follow instruction to our health and began to make the changes that we need to make. They were professional fisherman.

They used everything they knew how to use, but yet came up empty handed. I don’t want you to come up empty healthy. You’re going to have to do what the Lord is revealing to us that your health can change. So it’s time to make some changes. It’s time to exercise. It’s time to be mindful what we take into our bodies. It’s time to walk by faith and not by sight. It’s time not to let anybody else run our lives by victimizing us because we have made a change in our lives. Sometimes, I heard that one was called radical or a health nut because they want to make a change. What about the one who is not making a change? What a nut that is. You have to understand that and you have to take your stand, your ground and you have to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. I command health on your body now. I’ll command longevity on your body now, that you will live long, healthy, and prosperous in Jesus’ name.



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