In reading Beatrice Hunter’s book, Food Additives and Your Health, stated on page 47 and 48 that’s severe allergy reaction has been reported by BHT and BHA including disabilitating and disabling chronic asthmatic attack, skin blistering, eye hemorrhaging, tingling, sensation on face and hand, extreme weakness, fatigue, etma, chest tightness, difficulties in breathing. There’s no such thing as safe kill chemicals. We must understand that and we must take hold of that and grip this. All chemicals are toxic to the body and produce adverse reaction within the body. Most Americans just take it for granted that if a product is sold for food that it is safe to eat. NOT SO! The average person never associate his physical problem with what he eats or drinks, stop and think about that.

We are going to have to recognize, if you change it (I have testimonies after testimonies) you will see changes. Our ancestors drank water from a well or spring. I did myself, it was basically pure. The water most people drink today come from a manipulative water supply that had been chlorinated, fluoridated, usually containing a host of impurities and toxic materials. We were told that milk is a great source of calcium. Yet most people are unaware that pasteurization, the heating process, renders the calcium unusable by the body. The reason, heat changes the organic form of calcium to an inorganic form. The body can only utilize organic material.

I just wanted to share some of those things with you to get you to research it yourself, because I want to see you healthy, strong, blessed, and living long.