I don’t know about you this morning, but I was always puzzled why so many Christians are sick, or why so many good Christians die prematurely or why so many good Christians lay on their bed and suffer for years.

Now we know the Truth! It’s not so much demonical powers because he doesn’t have any powers. It is us being deceived by commercials and this world system. We have gotten on this world system and have not been checking things out, but thank God that we know the Truth now!

Our eyes are being opened. Don’t condemn yourselves in this changing factor! Just stay under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Keep hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Yield as much as you can and ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Start making changes. Those changes are going to carry you to places in health that you’d never thought you’d go to. You’ll be able to help your family. Pastors will be able to help their churches.

This is an apostolic moment of health that the government of God is taking over our health that the portals of heaven are open to us to be healthy people. I see you in health! I speak health over you right now in Jesus’s name.