Financial fear is one of the leading causes of why people don’t walk in Godly prosperity like they should. When a person is fearful about money, it causes them not to give. Therefore, fear causes them to violate the principle that will bring them into their breakthrough.

Financial fear cripples your faith for finances and will cause you to doubt God’s Word concerning your provision. Because they are fearful and don’t put trust in God’s system to bring them out, they turn to the world’s ways of becoming “successful.” But, in actuality, one should be more fearful of this world’s non-guaranteed system than God’s, which when worked properly, is guaranteed.

Jesus gives the greatest revelation to destroy financial fear.

He tells us in Matthew 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Jesus is giving us the secret to destroy financial fear. Fear will cause you to seek the wrong things. When you seek the wrong things, the more fearful you will become because you will stay in constant fear over losing what you have. When you start seeking the kingdom, you will put God first, and the Holy Spirit will give you revelation for your financial breakthrough.

Seeking the kingdom of God shifts our focus to extending God’s kingdom. Fear will no longer be able to remain. Why?  Because you will not be concentrating on the problem, you will be concentrating on the solution!



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