Money Cometh is the prophetic law of attraction.

Understand this: Money Cometh is not trying to make money come. It is prophetically demanding money to obey you by the spiritual law of attraction.

It’s about promises, promises being activated, promises being appropriated by faith, by favor. Promises manifesting in our life. Promises demonstrating in our life.

Promises are creating certain scenarios in our lives by the power of God. The reason some of you all don’t have your money is you’re trying to get it. You can attract things that average people can’t attract. Why are you attracting it? Because it’s already with you. You’re just stirring it up and making it manifest on the outside of your life. If you’re going to operate in the law of attraction, attracting prosperity, you have to know that you’re attracting it from the God who is on the inside of you.

These prophetic words are not for the whole world. The Lord gave them specifically for the Body of Christ. Therefore, when you use them, by faith, money has to obey you.

But, this is not a magic trick. You must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what happens in the spirit world when you say, “Money Cometh to Me Now!”