Today, I want to give you some Prosperity activators. They are yours spiritually and give you the right to make a claim on the prosperity that belongs to you.

I AM made in His Likeness

I AM made in His image

I AM a new creature

I AM a son or daughter of God

I AM a kingdom citizen

I AM a partaker of His Divine Nature

I AM a spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body

I operate by Faith

I call things that be not as though they were because they are, in another dimension

I AM living in Grace

I AM filled with His Glory

I AM a Supernatural Being

The Name of Jesus

I AM Using The Word of God

I AM the righteousness of God

I AM Prosperity

I AM Abundance

I AM Increase

I AM Wealth

I AM Overflow

I AM Blessed

I Have an Inheritance

My Prosperity Is Already Paid For Through The Cross

Every and any one of these activators demonstrate that you are already equipped to receive your rightful inheritance. They are a call to action and a reminder to identify with who God says you are and not what your situation looks like. Do some study in your private time. Find where these activators are located in the Word and meditate on them!