“Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures”.  Luke 24:45 (KJV)

Understanding God’s financial plan for your life is not about you at all; rather, it is more about understanding what God wants to do in your life and with your finances.  This level of understanding begins by you developing and maturing in two types of knowing:

1) Knowing how to wait on Him

2) Knowing how to be ready to obey Him

Do you remember the 12 spies in Numbers 13? Ten of those men were afraid, but two were not. Those two men became spies; they came back to the camp and told Moses about the prosperity that lied ahead! Once they became spies, saw with their own eyes, and tasted with their own lips the prosperity that lay ahead, there was no turning around for them. The same thing is happening to you today; you are becoming a spy in the spirit!  You are beginning to see what God has for you. Enthusiastically, you are beginning to taste his greatness- now it is up to you to believe it and receive it.

There are actions that God will tell you to make with what you have now; I know because I have been there too. They will be actions that are sure to make you short-winded and breathless.  You may feel asthmatic and start breathing heavily!  There have been times when God has said to me, “Take everything you have in your pocket and dump it.  I want you to give it all to that man right there.” My response was simply, “Yes, Sir.”  I did what He told me to do, and just like He challenged me on that day- the day is soon to come when He will challenge you! You have to be ready and you have to be willing to believe Him when He speaks! The awesome part about God is that sometimes He will go to the bottom of you just to see if you will really trust Him.  For this reason, I encourage you to be ready for the challenge; you are not going to cross over to the next level of anything in God unless you past that challenge.


It is important to realize that throughout the challenge, God, your Father, is standing right beside you saying, “If you will only obey me, then I will bless you throughout your entire life”. Do you see that?  All you are required to do is Listen and Obey. At that point, He will do the blessing, He will make you rich, and He will bring supernatural levels of prosperity into all aspects of your life! The main clause to receiving these manifested blessings is that you have to let Him help you! Once you become spoiled by God, there is no going back!

Always remember this: The man or woman who can hear from God will live a different life. Joseph could hear from God; therefore, he was God’s favorite and his brothers could not handle that. People, like you and me, who are able to clearly hear from God and have this Kingdom understanding and knowing will never live a normal person’s lifestyle!