Remember how Jesus made things happen instantly. He was wearing a mantle. He was wearing an identity. He was wearing a power. He was wearing a governmental grace.

A kingdom mantle is having identity with the Father, His resources, and His ability to make things happen supernaturally. This is the description of the mantle that Jesus wore. When you wear a mantle it’s you wearing the identity, purpose, and power behind your activities in your life according to God’s plan. You don’t just pick up a mantle. Mantles are given for equipping and empowering believers to produce kingdom level of living.

Now, some of you are not wearing a mantle, and your nakedness in the Spirit has caused frustration and irritation in your life. Even though you love God and are filled with the Holy Ghost, there is still something missing – things may not be moving as fast as they should. It’s because you are not wearing the mantle that you should.

A mantle is a powerful governmental authority in Jesus Christ over the affairs of kingdom matter, so when you wear certain mantles, you’re wearing Jesus, and you get the same effect that the Lord received when He was walking on the earth.

The Money Cometh mantle is having God’s identity with money. Whatever God can do with money, He who has the Money Cometh mantle can do the same thing. It’s going to cost you to wear this mantle. It will cost you your very life, just like it cost Jesus. You are going to have to turn your back on this system. You will have to think like God concerning money. You will have to do exactly what He says.

When you wear this mantle, money will be attracted to you for kingdom business and you will be able to testify of the goodness of God on your life, telling others that “God did it!”

You will need to know what it takes to wear that mantle. If you wear it properly, it will change your life. But, to get a mantle, it takes some effort. It takes connection.