Worship is a supernatural experience but all do not take part of it supernaturally because it takes knowledge of who God really is to worship supernaturally.

Worship will remove the hinderance from your prayer life and remove the hinderance from faith. And it creates an intimacy with God.

It is so important that the Body of Christ comes to grip with the idea of worshipping properly and sometimes have to force the flesh to do what’s necessary to praise and worship God.

1. Worship stops us from self glory.

2. Worship removes us out of satan’s territory.

3. Worship is an atmosphere that satan cannot function in.

4. Worship brings forth God’s glory on the scene.

John 4: 19-24- worship in Spirit and Truth

Matthews 15:8-9 – imitation of worship (illegal worship)

Acts 17:23 – Worship in ignorance