Romans 8:2 – For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

Now, those are the only two laws that exist. You choose which law you are going to live from. The law of the Spirit of life is THE law of the kingdom.

The law of the spirit of life  is the sum total of kingdom revelation, manifestation, demonstration, and activating the kingdom at any given moment.

That is how we move from just surviving to thriving in life.

If you don’t operate in the law of the kingdom, you will be subject to the law of death. You are a believer with a covenant, you are not supposed to be living like God has not promised you a good life.

But, remember, the kingdom only functions by revelation. The holy spirit has to open your eyes, mind, and understanding. Then, you can lock in with the law of faith to cause anything that needs to happen to happen. Things will no longer be impossible. You will no longer receive “No’s” to the   things that God say belong to you.

Through revelation, God gives you an inside job to take care of outside situations.