2 Cor. 4:18 – While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Many of you have dreams and visions that God has given you. But, sometimes we get so tied up in having those things in our hands that we forget that we must have them in our hearts first. If you hold them long enough in your heart, they will eventually come into your hands. It doesn’t matter how long or how impossible those things seem to be.

You must continue, no matter what things look like, to see those things which are not seen. Use your faith, believe, and see those things that God has already shown you. Rejoice now, even though you may not see it physically. Rejoice because God has already delivered it to you in your spirit! God will not fail you. He will bring to pass those things which He promised you.