Psa. 78:41 – Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.

Even though God used Moses to lead them out of Egypt, eventually, the children of Israel still turned their backs and limited God. You can read the chapter of Exodus and the rest of the 78th Psalm for yourself to see how mightily He led them out and how many miracles God performed just to deliver them. But, they still doubted and ultimately turned their backs on God.

So, now, what is the life lesson in this verse? How does this verse apply to your life?

Never turn back. Never limit God in any situation or time.

Whatever you saw in the Word, whatever God told you in a dream, whatever God promised you – He is doing it right now.

Sometimes the tight spots are designed to get you out. Sometimes, when you are caught in a spider web, it is actually the signal of your freedom. It is God forcing you to stop trying to use your own strength and be still long enough for Him to get you out.

You’ve done all that you can: spoke the Word, prayed, stayed, etc. God is holding you in that spot because you won’t go any further until HE delivers you and brings you out.

From now on, even in the most frightening moment, say this: “I’m Not Going to Limit God!”