Today I want to give you some Apostolic seals to pray over concerning your finances. I am speaking these over your life and I want you to save these seals. When you get up in the morning, speak them out and then take some time to pray over each one.

  1. All lack, limitation, lamentation, and satan lording over my finances is destroyed today.
    (Say this also: I don’t have to cry anymore. Satan is not lord over my finances. He’s not destroying my finances another day. Lack and limitation, they’re out of my life today.)
  2. I am determined to discern the power of the seed and how to sow properly.
    (Say this also: Victory is in the seed, not the harvest. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the power of the seed and how to properly sow it.)
  3. The seed is the key to unlock the treasure chest of God that He has provided for me through the Lord, Jesus Christ. (Say this also: I no longer need breakthroughs in my finances, I have the seed as my key. I am using my seed to unlock every financial miracle I need. The seed is a powerful key.)