When you fail the seed test, you are actually failing the money test. Why? Because God knows that if you fail the seed test, He can’t trust you with the harvest. See, the seed is to prepare your heart for the harvest. With the seed, you have another chance but once the harvest comes – the harvest that the kingdom will produce, God has to know that He can trust you. And it can hurt you if you are not properly trained.

What Jesus does with the seed, specifically money seeds, He trains us so that we can be matured when the harvest comes. The fact is: most christians don’t have their money yet because they haven’t been trained properly with the seed. Yeah, you may have sown a few seeds, but consistency is the key.

The seed is the training ground for the harvest. If you flunk the seed test, you’ll never see the harvest.

Seed failure will shut all harvest down. So, some people may say, well, “I’m going to pray.” Go ahead and pray. But, I want you to know this: nothing talks to the harvest but the seed.

Remember, the seed is always due a resurrection harvest. You can compare the seed of Jesus being put in the grave. It has to come back up!

How long have you been trying to make your money stretch without seed? Without sowing proper seeds. You see, my daddy was a farmer. He never sowed half a row. Why? Because he didn’t want half a crop. And he never sowed in the wrong place because he knew that seed would not come up.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, it is possible to pass the seed test. As a matter of fact, it’s like taking a test you already have the answers to. God will direct you in your sowing, all He needs is your willing and obedient participation.