Proverbs 23:7a – For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:

What you think about will ultimately result in your future. Whether good or bad, it will come to pass in your life. The only place Satan gains entrance into your life is through your thoughts. It is in your mind where the battle is won and where the battle is lost. So this is why Satan fights so much for our thought life because he understands that the root to everything in our lives is what we think about.

Here is the path of progression:

  • Your thoughts determine your decisions
  • Your decisions determine your actions
  • Your actions determine your habits
  • Your habits determine your character
  • Your character determine your destiny

If you have a habit that you need to break, you can’t fix it by trying to fix the habit. You must go back to the root of that habit, which can be traced back to a thought. The same thing for wrong: decisions, actions, character, or your destiny. Each one of these things is only determined by your thoughts. You need to work on one thing and one thing only: your thoughts!