Philippians 3:10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

Is it personal between you and Jesus? Because once you flip the switch to personal, currents will start flowing through you that this world can’t offer. It’s the desires in your heart that makes the difference. In Phil 3:10, Apostle Paul makes a divine, supernatural request for 3 desires. This request should be the quest of every believer.

That I may know him…  

This is a personal desire. You don’t want to just know about Him or read about Him; you want a personal, intimate touch. Many people think they know Him, but if you’re crying and complaining, you don’t know Him. Have the desire to be close. You want to know from the headquarters. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you.

To know the power of his resurrection… 

The resurrection is NOT a Bible-telling event, but a lifestyle. (Exercise your faith.) In order for you to have a personal encounter with Jesus, you’ll have to have an experience, like never before. (Ask for it!) Then, you can be enlightened and empowered. The resurrection is about your lifestyle wearing a victorious anointing. Once you learn your authority on the basis of the resurrection of Jesus, nothing can arrive in your life that can hold you from being blessed.

And the fellowship of his suffering…

You will have to go through some things to die to yourself. The fellowship of his suffering is not talking about a physical death — but dying to self, dying to this world, dying to sin, dying to the law and living by grace, dying to the flesh and functioning in the anointing that’s on you. Some people don’t want to die. The problem is this: you cannot function in this anointing until you die. And, you can’t resurrect until you spiritually die to yourself.

If you permit the Holy Spirit to drop these 3 desires in your heart, the warfare will still be going on but the victory will already be won!