3- Fold Spiritual Secret of All Success – Part 1: Taming the Tongue

James 3:8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

Satan wants your tongue, mind, and heart. If he gets either one of those, you’re in trouble. When I mention the tongue, I’m talking about your words. Many believe that what they say doesn’t matter. At one hour, they’re praying; for the next hour, they’re saying a bunch of crazy stuff. Poison can easily come out of our mouths daily, speaking gossip, envy, and strife. Satan uses it against us. We have to learn to bring life under control.

When the Lord began to speak to me about this real specifically, I started to say, “My tongue, my mind, and my heart is under the control of the Holy Ghost.”  That may sound simple, but that’s not simple, at all. If any of you are alive, you know that’s not simple.

When James says no man can tame the tongue, he’s right. But, the Holy Spirit can! Many things will not work for you if your tongue is not under the control of the Holy Ghost. Your tongue can either trick your heart or trigger your heart, in a negative or a positive way. You decide. The tongue will put things in your heart and take things out of it. It’s so powerful. Many people can’t even get healed. They’re speaking healing scriptures, but they’ve cursed themselves so much with their everyday conversations. Words are containers.

This is a secret we can have that will work! Start applying it today and say this with me, daily: “My tongue, my mind, and my heart is under the control of the Holy Ghost.”