Healing is not the same as health.

Healing is “keep getting sick and keep getting healed.” Health is knowing that God wants you to be healthy and then finding how to cooperate with God to keep your health.
The three-fold aspect of health wisdom is: 
1. Wisdom will build your health. (You’ll have insight from God on how to take care of the fearful and wonderful body He gave you.)
2. Understanding will establish your health.
3. Knowledge will fill your body with the treasures of health.

We need to yield to the Spirit. We must turn our bodies’ wellbeing over to the Holy Spirit, so that He can give us insight on how to overcome all of the attacks, distractions, and things that are causing our bodies to not be as healthy as they should be.
Health belongs to you. It’s a soul factor. It’s not really a spiritual factor because God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I know that health is a special blessing from God that you can live in.

I’m studying the life of a man who lived to be 114 years old. I read his book, and he said his father taught him at the age of 5 how to take care of his body. In his life, one of his greatest loves were blueberries. You’ll have to find out the things that cooperate with your body through fasting and faith.

Don’t eat all the time. Sometimes, take a fast. The Bible says “this comes by fasting and praying.” Fasting is very important for your body. It gives your body a chance to deal with things that need to be dealt with. Once you eat something, your body has to try to digest what you have eaten, and some of the things are not digestible. I’ve faced that in my life. I had to get myself in alignment because I desire to live long, proclaim the gospel, and help other people. I know you desire the same things.

“Up and in health, taking care of myself” – I speak that on you today! “You will open your ears to hear what the spirit of God is saying to us, to get us in a position where we can overcome the sicknesses and diseases attacking our bodies.”

I see you in health. I see you strong. I see you in victory. Right now.

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