Today, I want to remind you that it’s so important that we know how to lay a proper foundation for our health. Health is a gift from God.

The body of Christ has not talked about health, as I have said, we talk about healing a whole lot, but there’s a place in God where you don’t have to be sick. You can get well and never be sick again because you know what to do.


Eating properly is one of the main focuses that the Lord has placed me on. We know how to use our faith. We know how to pray. We know how to praise and worship God, but I always, as I have said to you earlier, and I’ll say it over and over again,


Now, we put it on sin, and it is. Sin will open the door for sickness and disease, but what about the christians who are not practicing sin? And that christian ends up sick just as well as everybody else.

That saint is living right, but ends up like the sinner, the christian who is not living right, all of them seem to be sick.

The day has come that we will walk in divine health, and we are building upon the foundation of knowing that there’s only one disease.

That’s the malfunctioning of my cells.

And also, knowing that there’s only two reasons: deficiency of nutrients and toxicity.

I will repeat this over and over again because we’re trying to deal with a multitude of diseases which causes us to panic, and we’re taking a whole lot of different things trying to straighten out these different diseases, but yet, when we come to the revelation that there’s only one and know what to do.

Then we’ll come out clear on building properly in the wisdom of God, so there’s wisdom for healing. There’s understanding for health. There’s knowledge for health. There’s wisdom for health.

I see you walking in health as you make the changes. As you do not become grieved or become contrary about the truth. Let the truth set you free.