I AM energy.

I AM strength.

I AM power.

I AM filled and thrilled with omnipotent life.

The vitality of God permeates every fiber of my being.

I AM well and whole in every part of my body.

The grace and poise of our Lord Jesus Christ enfolds me.

O Living Father, this is thy holy temple.

Thou makest it a perfect dwelling place for what shall radiate thy healing love and wisdom to all mankind.

Father, thou glorify me that I also may glorify thee.

Life abundance quickens me now.

Love all powerful heals me.

God’s strong pure life is now active in and through every cell in my body.

His perfect image of my every organ is now vitalized in me in perfect form.

By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, every cell in my body is vitalized and restored.

I have come to Him and I AM healed and live in health!