And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow; – Matthew 13:3

What did the sower go forth to do? Sow. That’s very simple, isn’t it? The defining characteristic of a sower is that they go forth to sow. And sowers sow because they understand the wisdom of sowing and they understand the potentials of the seed.

If you have any financial discrepancies,  any financial lack in your life, or if you have any financial needs;  it is very simple to walk out of those things.  It’s very simple to walk out of financial limitations. Again, very simple.  The seed will walk you out of it. It’ll make you nervous.  It may even look like it’s not significant, but it is significant.  The seed is so very significant.  You becoming a sower – a determined, mind made up sower, is the single most significant thing that you can do to get you out of any financial trouble.

Get over the nervousness of the seed.  Get over sowing.  When I say get over it, get over it where you’ll become a sower.  Don’t be so overly concerned about, losing.  Sowing is not losing.  Sowing is gaining.