Every seed sown by the direction of the Holy Spirit will manifest or demonstrate a supernatural breakthrough. In other words, a breakthrough seed.

Breakthrough seeds are seeds that produce a harvest to answer your need, your desire, your dream, and develops you in your God-given purpose in kingdom business.

I want you to pay close attention to the requirement of a breakthrough seed: sowing by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Then, I want you to see the phrase “God-given purpose in kingdom business.” There are people who walk in heavy kingdom finances but you must realize that those people were trained while they were broke. You have to be trained before you reach the point where you are walking in heavy blessings.

The Lord trained me for the point where I am now. I sowed my way out. Sometimes, it looked like nothing was going to come back but I kept sowing at the direction of the Holy Spirit. I refused to listen to the devil’s lies.

It must be a revelation to you and you must immediately recognize, when the Holy Spirit tells you to sow, that you are sowing a breakthrough seed.

Be obedient. Stop trying to hold on to that little bit that you have. If it is not enough to meet your need, then it is a breakthrough seed.