The earth is the Lord‘s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. – Psalm 24:1

Let me help some of you who may become discouraged when you see others prospering or obtaining the things that you think you should have.

There’s enough for everybody. Just because someone else got the position you were hoping for or is driving the car you want, don’t be discouraged. God will create a new position for you and rejoice because if God did it for them, that just means that He can also do it for you.

The world will try to make you believe that there are shortages and limited supply. But, that’s according to their system. The God we serve has no dealings with shortages and He has an unending supply.

The blessings that God has assigned to you are already yours. They have your name on it. God will never assign my stuff to you or your stuff to me. There’s plenty. You don’t have to worry about God running out. You don’t have to be competitive or jealous, all you have to do is learn to unfold what’s yours. There’s plenty enough of everything for everybody!