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  1. WOW!!! I have been connected with Ever Increasing Word Ministries since 2008. Dr. Thompson then and Apostle Thompson now has steered me spirit, soul and body in a direction that has changed my entire life. Presently, I am the solid rock in my immediate family (2 sons Titus and Tyron Samuel & husband Ceroy). My siblings (1 living sister Joyce, 4 living brothers Joe Louis, Howard, Samuel, and Shirley Edward; 4 sister in laws, Mary Ruth, Judy, Linda, Shirley; 2 brother in laws Ken & Curtis “Pete”; nieces, nephews, cousins, co-workers, community thus Birth of WOW Ministries. The Lord reminds me love begins at home, our communication is mainly by means of writing which gave me revelation while attending online Ever Increasing Word Training Center a weekly article I share with the community teachings of inspiration and my love for God’s Word called WOW Mailbox AMEN and before that I called family members with scripture daily now I text 105 Word Persons daily. Apostle Thompson my heart goes out to persons hurting because as you so often say “they don’t know really because they just don’t know (church folks) as a member of the Body of Christ” my words “what they are working with” AMEN Continue to teach, God bless you and family in Jesus’ name. Gilda

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