Proverbs 4:1 – Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding.


The word hear means hearing clearly what God is saying in the Spirit. If we hear and we listen to hear, God will give us daily instruction on how to handle situations because He is our father.

Once you hear, what you hear, you have to attend to it because from the hearing instruction then you will be able to attend to know the understanding of what God is saying.

At all times, you must be listening to the Father’s instruction. Never give anyone or anything your hearing before you hear what God says about today.

Hear before acting on anything, what God is instructing you to do, revealing to you the realm of reality that only comes through His word.

As you today, attend to God’s voice. God’s word will attend to all your affairs. When one listens and hears my instruction I will give them my understanding of how to handle everything.

May you function in God’s instruction and live by God’s understanding.

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