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This morning I am inspired by God to talk to my partners. In Luke chapter 5 you have the lesson on a borrowed ship.The first 11 verses of chapter 5 is the text I want to talk to my partners about.

Partners, you realize what we are doing is not a game but important to Godand God has had many evidences and many manifestations in my life.So we come to this chapter because it deals with the importance of partnership. The things that have happened in my life will happen in all of my partner’s lives.

The text clearly states that when Peter took Jesus at His Word and they did what he told them to do that his ship overflowed and the first person he beckoned for was his partners.

And his partners came and their ship overflowed, and they were so astonished at the goodness of God they yielded their lives to become more than catchers of fish but then they became catchers of men.I think that sums up what we are doing in the Money Cometh Conferences and what we are doing in Seed Training. I could not do all I am doing without my partners, God sent those partners to me to help me spread this revelation apostolically over the world.

Money Cometh is a prophetic mantle and those who connect and connect properly become a part of the manifestation and demonstration of that revelation. Now, I bless you because you have been an important part.Every need is met, God always supplies our needs, God is our source.

But here is a word of exaltation and encouragement to you in your partnership to continue to pray for this ministry and continue to attach yourself to this anointing because it is expanding, it’s enlarging and God is about to teach the Body of Christ how to walk in Divine Prosperity, how to walk in wealth, how to walk in increase and many will be saved because many have not seen the goodness of God

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