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Luke 1:37-38 – For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

We are talking about the supernatural birth of Christ which will manifest the kingdom in you and the realm of the kingdom is manifested through Christ’s birth. Here, the angel talked with Mary and the angel tells her that with God nothing shall be impossible. And then Mary gave the right response; you have to make the right response when God wants to work a miracle or do something supernatural in our lives.

Jesus is the kingdom seed of possibilities.

Today, I want to begin to look at this Christmas season as the season of all possibilities in your life. What will transpire during this season will bring us into the realm of the kingdom. There are things we have to do in the realm of the kingdom:

  1. You have to position yourself in the kingdom by accepting Christ as your personal savior.
  2. You must be filled with the Spirit and the evidence of speaking in tongues by asking God to fill you with His Spirit
    • So, we position ourselves in Christ and position ourselves in all possibilities becoming possible. And then:

3. We must purpose that we are going to live for Christ.

  • We must have kingdom purpose on our mind

4. The ability and the power to produce kingdom manifestation    will then becomes yours.

And so today, our meditation is based on all things are possible with God, Jesus is the seed of all possibilities, and if we have Jesus living on the inside of us everything is possible to us.

So don’t feel like you are left out or left behind. Rest in the assurance that the kingdom of God is within you and not only is the kingdom of God within you but that kingdom has a king that we are celebrating this month that came into this world to give us the kingdom.

So there is nothing impossible in your life. I speak possibilities in your life; you can go to the next level. Just make the proper adjustments as the Spirit of God reveals to you and yield to the Holy Ghost and the Word of God. Yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God will take you to great and mighty places.

May you be blessed today as you realize that you have a kingdom on the inside of you and you also have the possibility king of all possibility living on the inside of you and you can take God’s Word and become fully persuaded that what He has promised He is also able to perform! God also says, in Jeremiah 1:12, that He watches over His word to perform it. Jesus is the Word on the inside of you!