Isaiah 53:5 says, But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastise- ment of our peace was upon him; and with  his stripes we are healed. Notice the words: wounded, bruised, chastisement, and stripes.

All these words denote Blood. In a more literal sense, all of these words are Blood-filled. Perhaps, some of the most powerful Blood-filled words you will ever hear.

That scripture is saying: Jesus’ Blood took care of your transgressions, your iniquities, your peace, and your healing. Everything you ever needed was taken care of on the Cross. All your victories are right there in Isaiah 53:5. Every lie Satan is telling you is answered with the truth in that scripture.

Maybe there is a sickness in your body lying to you saying that you have to live with it forever. No! Speak those Blood-filled words, “By Jesus’ stripes I am healed.” Maybe there’s a demon or devil vexing you and causing distress in your life. Tell that demon, “No! My Jesus was chastised for my peace!” You have to know how to answer Satan’s lies with the truth of Blood- filled words.

The Gospel is filled with Blood-filled words. Why? Because there is no Gospel without the Cross. The Cross is a manifestation of the gospel. So you have to read the Gospel to see how it says you are supposed to respond when situations arise in your life.

(This meditation is an excerpt from Apostle Thompson’s latest book, Cross Factor, available in e-book format on April 20th)