med071514If the Body of Christ is ever to see church expansion and multitudes of people accepting Christ, we will move beyond preaching into having some evidence of God’s power. It’s time to see manifestations, demonstrations and creative miracles!

There are only two realms that exist: the natural and the supernatural. Everyone has access to the natural but as believers in Christ and children of the most High God, we have been given exclusive rights to access the supernatural.

The three dimensions that will cause you to enter into the supernatural are faith, anointing, and glory. I have mentioned these before but now I would like to go into more detail on each one.

First, let’s deal with faith. Faith is not “supposing” something is going to happen. Nor is it optimism or looking on the bright side. Faith is the ability to believe that the unreasonable and the impossible, happens now.

Hebrews 11:1 says, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

In situations where you need a miracle, you have to know that the Spirit of God will do it now. God doesn’t work by layaway plans. He does things now! We have just become so conditioned to wait that waiting is all that we do. When Jesus performed miracles, how many times did you see Him wait for a manifestation? Not one time!

It’s time to get your faith in place so that your faith can graduate into knowing. You see, knowing moves faster than faith. Even though faith is there, you have to know that when you say something that it has to happen. And it has to happen now. Faith is just the first dimension of breaking into the supernatural. Faith is now!