Three Words: How, Now, Wow

How – is not your business. God doesn’t have to tell you how He is going to do it. You just trust Him and listen for His instruction.

Now – When the Lord does something, He does it now! He is not a historical God. He is not a future God. He is a NOW God.

Wow – You just sit back and watch Him do things out of the ordinary for you. He is the creator!

The How is up to God. The believing is up to you. God will show you some things; what He wants you to do, what He wants you to have, or where He wants you to go. Don’t struggle in flowing with God because your natural mind thinks that what He told you looks impossible.

The how is not your business. If God tells you how, you are not going to use your faith. Faith is your how.

Remember, what the angel told Mary in Luke 1:37, For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible.