If you have been watching any of my services at my church or while on the road, you have seen how we make it a point to worship God until His glory shows up. I am training my people to open their hearts to genuinely worship God, invite His presence through praise & thanksgiving, and then back-up to allow God’s glory to do what He wants to do. Through this revelation, we have now experienced hundreds of supernatural miracles & manifestations.

Today, I want you to know that the glory we experience in those church services is not just something that can happen in church.

You can experience that same glory right where you are, on an everyday basis. Your daily, personal prayer time is really just to get God’s attention; to communicate with Him and let Him know that you are aware of His presence. You can be worshipping and praising The Lord and all of a sudden, God will show up at your house, your room, or in your car.

When he does, your prayer time is over, now it’s time for you to back up because heaven has come down to do something for your situation! Your personal warfare is essential to receiving everything God has for you!