We have to catch on to this dominion revelation because God’s original intentions for human beings was for them to be the agents that will carry out Heaven laws on Earth. First, let’s define Dominion.

Dominion – to tread down; to prevail against; to reign; to bare rule and rule over. (Doesn’t even sound like the Church, does it?) It means to dominate, compelling someone to do something by force, and to place under foot or to enslave. (In other words, enslave Satan and demons.)

Yes, you’re an agent of Heaven’s laws. It’s in you because His nature is in you. You are His agent, and you can make what Heaven says legal on Earth; this means you can make what the Bible says legal on Earth. You are Heaven’s lawyer. The data has been placed in you. Feel free to argue your case with John 15:7.

No one will be able to stop you. Your job is not only to carry out Heaven’s laws but also to carry out the Kingdom, the power, the glory, and the Will of God on Earth. You’re not just someone passing through Earth. No, you have a message.

Don’t be satisfied with where you are now. It’s time for you to go further. Religion and opinion has kept your dominion from happening, but that will stop today! Start walking in your dominion and ask the Holy Spirit to help you grasp this revelation.