Astonishing –  shocking, spectacular, eye opening, and blindsiding.

The third step in moving into astonishing prosperity is:

Establishing A Partnership With Kingdom Agenda

In Luke 5:3, they entered into partnership with the kingdom by allowing Jesus to use one of their ships. When Jesus’ agenda becomes your agenda, that’s when you will be able to move into astonishing prosperity.

You see, when you partner with the world’s agenda, you will have to live on the term’s of the world’s system. The world is hot one day, cold the next; up one day, and down another. It is unstable and it will always be unstable.

When you are functioning from the kingdom’ s system there is only one direction; up. There is only success and prosperity. It can be no other way.

Everything you do should be based on the agenda of the kingdom. That is what you are to partner with. When you partner with the kingdom agenda, that’s when you’ll really start living!