In operating in the supernatural on a daily basis, you are going to have to have progressive revelation in the three realms that the supernatural consists of: faith, anointing, and the glory.

You see, progressive revelation pulls that out of you which is possible in the supernatural and pulls you out of that which is impossible. But, you have to learn to make the necessary transitions.

Transition from faith (your believing), to the anointing (your empowerment for supernatural ability), to the glory (God’s ability – All that He has, all that He is, and all that He can do).

You can’t do with faith what only the fullness of the Spirit (the anointing) can do. You can’t do with the anointing what only the glory can do. All three are required for the supernatural to work.

Your faith opens the door to be able to operate in the anointing, but when you come to the brink of your anointing and you need that extra push for things to begin to work; that’s when you step out of the way, yield, and let the glory come through.

It’s not your job to make it happen; it’s your job to yield. You must always have progressive (continuous, consistent) revelation in faith, the anointing, and glory.