Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: – Psa. 139:23

There can’t be any heavenly transactions without your heart being right. Your heart has to be right to even be able to pray correctly. You must let the Holy Ghost search your heart and see if there is anything there that can block you from making proper connection with God.

Your heart cannot be fully searched unless you pray in the Holy Ghost. You may be able to hide things from man but you can’t hide anything from the Holy Ghost. He can find that thing that’s blocking you and get it out.

If you want a clean heart, let the Holy Ghost search you by praying in the Holy Ghost. Out of the heart comes the issue of life and the Holy Ghost will eradicate anything that doesn’t need to be there and then fill your heart with God’s love. Is there anything God’s love can’t do? This is your key to becoming undefeatable!