Many believers are locked up and don’t understand why they can’t get out. Well, Luke 11:52 gives us some insight on why that might be.

Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. — Luke 11:52

In this verse, Jesus addresses and warns those who had taken away the “key of knowledge”. These lawyers, Pharisees, and scribes had substituted revelation knowledge with something else — something that they thought was smarter. And in doing that, they hindered the people.

You see, people believe Shakespeare (and others as such) had great words, but Shakespeare is not in the Bible. And some people believe that self-help books, positive thinking, and advice are going to get them out (or unlock them), but none of those self-help authors are in the Bible.

The key of knowledge in Luke 11:52 is really talking about revelation knowledge from the Word of God that had been taken away. Besides warning the lawyers, Pharisees, and scribes, Jesus was also saying that when the “real” key to knowledge is not there, you enter a situation by yourself. And if you end there, you will be hindered. You need a revelation to unlock true knowledge. There’s no way around it. 

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