It’s time to get rid of a breakthrough mentality in our finances. We must use our keys to unlock our finances. The gates of hell that have been trying to lock you out from your inheritance, calling, power, abundance, prosperity, increase, and overflow shall not prevail against you anymore. You need revelation to unlock that door, unlock that gate, and walk right in to take what’s yours.

Now that you know this truth, the possibility of wearing a mantle and carrying a key is upon you. Say this aloud: I’m wearing a financial mantle, and I’m carrying a financial key. The mantle of Money Cometh gives you the ability to call money in by divine permission. Money Cometh is divine permission to call yourself out of debt. It’ll make your confession different. You’ll be able to decree some things and then watch them show up. It gives you the ability to do the latter part of Romans 4:17, which says you can call those things that be not as though they were.

The kingdom mantle means having identity with the Father, His resources, and His ability to make things happen supernaturally. It describes the mantle that Jesus wore. Do you remember how Jesus made things happen instantly? He was wearing a mantle, which is an identity and a power.


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