He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes. – Psalm 105:37

Will you allow God to bring you forth? Many Christians stumble over the truth in the verse above. They don’t believe that God will instruct them and show them the way out of their situation because they feel condemned. They feel that they brought the condition on themselves, so why would God help them and lead them out?

You have to think “truth” in spite of appearances, and you have to learn to let go of past failures. For example, when you look at your empty checking account, how are you responding? What are you saying? Are you still in agreement with God and His Word when the circumstances aren’t lining up? Or do you begin to side in with what you see?

When others around you get blessed, are you happy for them? Or do you feel slighted and discouraged, as if there’s not enough blessing to go around?

God brought ALL of the children of Israel out. A position that He intended for all of His children to permanently reside in. Never let a spirit of competitiveness enter into your life. There is enough for everyone. God has no limits. What He does for someone else, He is well able to do for you. Never let negative thoughts enter your mind and block you from living the life of abundance God has designed for you to have!