If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: – Isaiah 1:19

The promises of God do not come automatically to believers, they are a by-product of our obedience. Just because you say you’re a child of God and just because you read scriptures, does not mean that God’s promises are going to manifest in your life. You have to be tested, you have to be tested, again I say – you have to be tested.

The children of Israel went through the wilderness experience to produce both obedience and faith. Those two things had to be in place in order for them to get to the promised land.

You can’t just say “I obey,” you have to do it. So you have to have a crisis to find out whether you will obey or not. Anybody can say “I’m going to do what you say God.” But, the real test comes in when you are in a tight financial spot.

Any financial test that you are going or have gone through was to produce willingness, obedience, and faith to trust God.

See, you must be prepared for wealth. You have to be obedient even while you’re broke!