The Lord says: You must surrender to the grace and faith that I release to those who obey my ways of doing things. You haven’t gone there yet because you have not left yet. You must leave the system and trust me every time I tell you to sow. Remember, I make all my promises to manifest.

You haven’t gone there yet, because you haven’t left yet. You haven’t left the safe shore of saving or maybe you haven’t left the safe shore of holding back on what God says to do. You’re trying to take care of yourself.

You must leave the system. I left years ago. It doesn’t mean that you don’t operate in the system, but the system is not your source.

God will make things work out for you when you connect with Him fully.

Say it: God makes what I do work, when I am connected with Him.

God places His supernatural hands on everything you do when you obey His ways of doing things.