But we should and are [morally] obligated [as debtors] always to give thanks to God for you, believers beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through the sanctifying work of the Spirit [that sets you apart for God’s purpose] and by your faith in the truth [of God’s word that leads you to spiritual maturity].” 2 Thessalonians 2:13 (AMP)

Let us start today with the topic of Salvation. When you accepted Jesus Christ, you immediately became a child of God. You understand that right? From the very moment of acceptance, your salvation becomes a central marked point in time for both God and you; which is why God deemed that experience to be a one-time deal. However, there is another aspect in the Spirit world that very few know about and that’s the sanctifying process. Your soul and your body are in need of constant sanctification.

See, you are born again in your spirit signifying that you have God’s nature in your spirit. Yet, there are two other parts of you (your soul and your body) that need sanctifying every second. Your soul, your conscience, and your mind all need ceaseless sanctification.  The definition for sanctification is very clear; it means set apart to something or to someone. Let’s use the “to someone” piece. Sanctification means that you and I are being set apart to God and for God.  As we continue along through these daily devotionals together, as well as, you spending personal time with God, it will all become very clear on how to become set apart to God.  This ceaseless sanctifying process is going to change your prayer life, your work for the kingdom, and your outlook on life. We, as a collective body, already had a pretty good concept of salvation – that we are members of the Body of Christ. Now we are given a new perspective that combines a renewing level of daily sanctification paired with our existing salvation to give us a synergistic level of spiritual power. Take this new level of spiritual maturity with you every day going forward; you are now both charged and empowered – it is time for you to walk and live it out!