“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” John 15:8 (KJV)

At the beginning of John 15, Jesus starts off by teaching a very important lesson dealing with how we are to be successful in our bearing of fruit. I believe there are four degrees for bearing fruit:

1) No Fruit    2) Fruit     3) More Fruit    4) Much Fruit  

Through the teaching of Jesus as it is conveyed by John in verse 8, we are shown that when we are able to get to the fourth degree, Bearing Much Fruit, within our lives; God is glorified!

Jesus continues on to display how bearing fruit is an essential component needed for us to embrace the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, which is manifested through the fruit of the Spirit. The key point here to keep in mind is that neither bearing fruit nor embracing the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit can be obtained by you making it happen on your own. This process is only made possible for you when you come into agreement and include the Holy Ghost, Jesus, the Word of God, and the grace God has given into your maturing process.

The sanctifying power will not come to you automatically on the grounds that your soul and body have another agenda – they want to give you a flesh power. Henceforth even though you love and honor God, there will be times when various circumstances will arise upon you for which they will appear not to be aligning as you expected they would. Take those moments to rejoice in spite of how it all looks!  When you are properly acquainted with God, connected to Jesus, and yielded to the Holy Spirit; you have to know with certainty that the sanctifying power is very present and functioning within you ready to bring forth much fruit!