The Spirit of the Lord says:
In your life, from this day forward, it will be no more of just excitement, expectation, emotion, entertainment, and eloquent words. But it’s time for enlightenment, empowerment, environment, encounters, experiences, and explosions of the supernatural with suddenly, immediately, and straightway results, which only God will receive the glory! There will be speeding in the glory zone, operating from another government. Therefore, no one will be able to stop the carrier who’s on a heavenly mission on Earth. Traveling with divine winds on your back and supernatural fire under your feet, the glory will begin to touch down everywhere you go! You will develop a deeper hunger and thirst for God, and His Will will begin to soar like the eagle in your life and roar like the lion in your anointing.

I impart to you the mantle of God’s glory. God’s glory is His presence in manifestation. It’s all that He is, all that He has, and all that He can do. You must know that it also means you are now wearing the garment of His presence, provision, light, plans, possibilities, praise, promises, and persuasion. It can bring you through anywhere. His Glory will mark your assignment and keep you in alignment.

Say this aloud:

 2019 is going to be the best year I ever lived. I’m not who I used to be. Greater things are going to happen in my life. I’ll accomplish greater things. Nothing from this day forward will be normal in my life. In 2019, I will walk in/ divine influence. I am wearing the mantle of God’s glory. 
Listen to the full message from our New Year’s Eve service by clicking the link below.