Most people say, I’m going to use my faith to believe that God will bring me through this problem or situation. No! Ask God to give you wisdom on what He wants you to do, first! Remember, God cannot do anything without you. You are going to have to get the orders of wisdom, and then use your faith to be able to follow those orders, which probably won’t be normal instructions at all.

Here are some important things to remember about the wisdom key:

  • Surrendering totally to God will release wisdom like a flood.
  • Seeking the Kingdom of God first will release masterful wisdom.
  • Settle in your heart the divine fact that wisdom is the principal thing in your life.
  • Know that every solution you need is in the hidden wisdom of God, which belongs to you.
  • Supernatural wisdom will rearrange everything and everybody around you, with sweatless effort because of its efficiency.
  • Wisdom will never stumble over God’s greatness. It always picks it up and applies it to your success.
  • With wisdom you will end up a winner in every facet of your life.

This is an excerpt from Apostle Leroy Thompson’s book, “Beyond Breakthrough: My Church, Your Keys.”