Before you begin to praise and worship God the Father, it’s important to thank Him first. Giving thanks is different than praise and worship. Once you’ve thanked Him, you’ll be carried into deeper realms: first praise and then worship.

Here’s the difference between Praise & Worship:

  • Praise focuses on proclaiming the works of God. Worship focus on the person of God.
  • Praise is initiated by us. Worship is God’s answer to our praise. When you get into worship, you have shifted gear. You are no longer in control.
  • To praise is to seek God. To worship is to be found by Him. David knew that, but his wife didn’t.
  • Praise increases the anointing, but worship brings the Glory. Praise is building a house for God. Worship is God moving into that house.
  • In praise, we talk about God. In worship, we speak to God and He answers us.
  • In praise, we are keenly aware of God’s love and greatness. In worship, we are keenly aware of His holiness.
  • Praise is the parade of the King. Worship is His coronation.

Consider adding thanksgiving, praise, and worship into your prayer time from this day forward. Your miracle, healing, finances, and everything else is in this! This will bring you out of everything that has been tearing your life apart. God has provided for us to get out and stay out.