But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33

The Kingdom of God is within you. It’s God’s place of operation and the mode of operation where you can function in this world, in a position that is beyond this world. But, it doesn’t just happen automatically and it doesn’t just happen by chance.

God has given us spiritual laws to enable us to live a full, blessed, and long life; in prosperity, abundance, and complete wholeness in every area of our lives. For something to qualify as a law, it must always have similar consequences; providing that certain things remain constant. Meaning, you have to work them consistently. All the biblical characters, along with the manifestations, demonstrations, and supernatural circumstances that occurred in God’s Word happened because those people worked spiritual laws.

These laws are in operation at all times, and they can either work for you or against you. Your ignorance is what causes them to work against you. You don’t have to guess about the outcome of a spiritual law, when you work it properly, you can accurately predict the outcome of certain actions.

There is the law of seedtime and harvest, the law of faith, the law of attraction — just to name a few. For example, when you sow or plant a seed, the harvest must always come. Even in the natural, this law is in operation. But, I want you to realize that you must begin to work these laws for the supernatural to manifest.

Listen: I’ve worked these laws time and time again and they have never failed. It takes your faith, the anointing, and complete and total trust and reliance in God. God has no respect of person, He has no respect for the impossible — if you work the spiritual laws that God has set in place, in alignment with the kingdom that is within you, they have to work.

Why? Because they operate under Romans 8:2 – These laws are like weapons that activate the supernatural. God’s desire is for His creation to live life at the highest level of productivity — working these spiritual laws of the kingdom is how!