There are many lessons we can learn from studying the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 in its entirety. But there are four main points I want you to see: 1. The master gave, or delivered unto, his servants, money; 2. They received the money; 3. They were required to manage that money as stewards; and 4. They had to account for how they handled his money when he asked for an accounting.

What can we learn from that in our lives today? First, we must learn than we have nothing that wasn’t delivered unto us by God. And we are required to manage those resources as good stewards.

In other words, “our” money is actually the Lord’s money. And we’re supposed to do with it what the Lord tells us to do. If we do, He will “deliver unto us” more to manage. If we don’t, we remove ourselves from that flow of blessing. We won’t be “in demand” when God starts looking for someone He can pour out His blessing upon!

Think about it. If an organization needs to hire a person with special expertise, they will send for that person, regardless of where he or she might live, in order to conduct an interview. If the interview goes well and a job is offered or a contract signed, that organization will generally pay some or all the expenses of moving that person to the company’s locality, especially if it’s a large company. They go above and beyond to hire that person because they need his or her skill and expertise.

Now think about you and God. Does the Lord need you in the area of finances? In other words, are you “in demand” with God as He searches for those to bless whose hearts are blameless and fully committed to Him?