Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

You are a giant on the inside. Satan tries to keep you on the outside, in religion, rituals, and rules. But, if you function from the inside, the outside is going to be alright. That’s guaranteed. This external relationship with God has to be put aside because it’s not going to put you in your right position. There’s an internal relationship you have to have. You have an inner resurrection and an inner, crucified life. The crucified life is the maximized life.

Luke 9:23 says you have to deny yourself and take up His cross daily. This is not easy, and you can’t do this alone. You’ll need the help of the Holy Ghost.

Do you realize what kind of life you’re going to live if you maximize the power of Jesus’ resurrection in your life, everyday? When you maximize the enabling power of the Holy Ghost, on the inside, and maximize the revelation that Jesus rose on the third day, you won’t be held down. Every morning you’ll get up, not only physically but also in anything satan tries to bring to you that day. You’ll wake up already maximized. When you open your eyes, you’ve already made your mind up that you’re not going down.

If something comes up today or tomorrow, you can say, “I have a rising anointing flowing on the inside of me. I’m not going down. You can’t pin me down because I have supernatural power on the inside of me, and I can rise up from anything!”

Today, your life changes. You’re about to live a maximized, resurrected life, from the inside.